• About Us

    Vision We are a nimble and astute consultancy of performance coaches, exercise scientists and dieticians, whose passion is to help leaders, entrepreneurs and athletes create Vitality and great performance by partnering to build Formulas for Success that sustain them both professionally and … [Continue Reading]

    About Us
  • Vitality Coaching

    Creating More Vital, Resilient and Productive High-Achievers Organizations invest heavily in succession planning and talent development. By adding the extra dimension of resiliency, Vitality Coaching offers an opportunity to achieve greater business results. Research and science make a compelling … [Continue Reading]

    Vitality Coaching
  • One-on-One Endurance Coaching

    Coaching Athletes to Potential Thank You for choosing Path Performance Coaching! Since 1992, Path Performance has been a premier Full-Time, professional coaching service passionate about helping clients reach goals and perform at their best. Maximize your results through focused, one-on-one … [Continue Reading]

    One-on-One Endurance Coaching
  • Speaking

    Path Performance Vitality Education programs offer tools, tips, strategies, and deep understanding of the behavioral change process that leads to creating greater Vitality, resiliency and sustainable performance.  Programs are targeted for leadership teams, cross-functional groups, and senior … [Continue Reading]

  • Coaching

    A coach is someone who motivates you, provides unconditional support, identifies your strengths and helps you build upon them, shines a light on what's holding you back and partners with you to discover the creative solutions you need to achieve your goals.   Vitality Coaching   Endurance … [Continue Reading]