I was a new/beginning athlete with no formal coaching, and no knowledge of training routines for any kind of individual discipline.  I hoped to improve every aspect of my performance; speed, endurance, body mechanics/form, weight loss, overall well-being, strength, maybe grace.<!–more–>

Working with Kevin surpassed my expectations.  I met all my re-adjusted goals… I improved in every area of performance without injury.

Kevin was professional, thoughtful and thought-provoking, insightful, supportive, and fun to work with.  He was very knowledgeable in all areas, and I learned a lot from him…  he was able to address every question I had and gave me options I hadn’t considered.  I consider him an expert in his field and was constantly amazed that he was one step ahead of what I was thinking.

…he listened to what I said and helped tailor my workouts, which I found challenging, but doable.  …Kevin took pride in my accomplishments as well.  He also asked questions in relation to my motivations which helped me understand myself better… I had more than a few “aha” moments experiencing the results of my wayward decisions.  He used these as teaching moments to discuss the results of my decisions, which made the process much clearer for me… he was responsive and flexible when I changed plans….  he was very realistic and encouraged me to do my best and held me accountable…

I felt Kevin was as serious about my training and well being as he would be for a higher performance athlete and was very generous with his time and ideas…  I also discovered a whole new level of activity I hadn’t enjoyed before and have now come to expect…  That shift in attitude positively impacted all other areas of my life.  I gained more confidence in myself and respect for how much time and effort athletes devote to improving performance… I also benefited from realizing, via Kevin, how importantly all the components of physical well-being, sleep, stress, stretching, recovery, and diet interact; things I thought I “knew” but hadn’t really examined…

I truly enjoyed our coaching relationship and came to rely upon his guidance.  Bottom line; I very much needed someone to help me from a very basic level and felt Kevin took me seriously and helped me.  When I first started training, I didn’t always think I could meet my goals and often I completed them only because I felt accountable to my coach.  I would recommend Kevin to anyone.  I look forward to working together again.