Prior to working with Path Performance, I was in last place in a race against the clock, my family, and my work. While everything in my life had been planned, so was a “choice,” my experiences more often than not bombarded me with seemingly insurmountable (and unending) challenges—small and big alike.

Working with Path Performance was a useful opportunity to reset self-talk, rebuild family processes, respect the clock and reject thinking in terms of binary opposition (this vs. that). Key benefits include the following:

  • My time and attention started to center… from making sure I took care of my energy and health to being more aware of responsibilities I need not assume.
  • My quality of sleep improved dramatically while I worked with Path Performance.
  • I maintained a steady exercise routine that supported my goals for health and need for mental unwind at the end of the day.
  • Greater understanding of the conditions at work that allow for me to function at high levels of analysis, counsel, writing, facilitation, and project management. Through the help of Path Performance, I could articulate the root causes of stress, conflict, and struggle and build strategies for either eliminating or minimizing those negatives.
  • I enjoyed better communication at home with my family, at work with my colleagues and supervisor, and within my self-talk.
  • Clearer expectations about what could be done, when, and how became less of a miracle and more of a regular feature of daily life.

Path Performance provides engaging, challenging consultation that allows for work-life balance improvements that happen in concert, not one by one. …experiencing a ripple effect of positive change was terrific. To see self, home, and work benefit in tandem reassured me that I was tapping into ways of thinking, planning, and communicating that I could sustain after the engagement with Path Performance came to an end.  So “Path Performance” has been an apt name to my experience with Kevin McCarthy and his team.

Chris Consultant, Safety/Performance Consulting Industry