I have been doing triathlons and running races for 5 years before I started working with Kevin. When I decided to do an Ironman, I realized that I needed help structuring my training and get to the finish line without injuries and under 12 hrs. I achieved both and it would have been impossible without Kevin. His experience as a coach added tremendous value to my training.

The work with Kevin definitely exceeded my expectations. That is why I continue to work with him even after my Ironman race. He helped me achieve PRs in half marathon and marathon distance. And I rarely got injured in the last 2 years where I did the most intense training in my endurance sports career. Before Kevin, I was always getting injured when I did my own training. Now I know I can trust him and if I go with what he says things will be fine. It is a great feeling. It also takes the additional burden to create training programs for yourself. Leave it to a professional like Kevin!

My results working with Kevin:

  • First Ironman – completed in under 12 hrs
  • Personal best in Half Ironman
  • Personal best in Half Marathon
  • Personal best in Marathon
  • And all within 2 years!

If you are a busy professional, leave the coaching and training programs to another professional. And Kevin is one of the best I have seen.

OzanSenior Director of Strategy, Global Retail Restaurant Chain