Kevin was recommended to me as a coach for triathlon training by several individuals in the community…  After meeting with Kevin and understanding his experience level, overall knowledge, and the types of programs he offered it was clear he was the best choice for what I was looking to accomplish.  I had run some marathons, but had very limited biking and swimming experience. Kevin spent time getting to know me and gained an understanding of my goals and what I was looking to accomplish.  …he gave me a realistic and achievable plan that he personalized for what my schedule enabled me to accomplish. …I was very impressed with Kevin’s professionalism and working with Kevin has been a great benefit in many ways.  He has helped me improve everything from my diet to increasing my expectations of what I can accomplish…  working with him helped make me more accountable to doing the workouts and meeting the commitments I planned to achieve.

Since I’ve started working with Kevin 2 years ago, I have completed 10 triathlons including 3 Half Ironman distances and 1 Full Ironman distance.  Kevin gives me programs that I can follow and that match my schedule so I can stick to them.  I have more energy and a more focused approach which results in success without having to spending a lot more training time.   Kevin has provided me with a lot of helpful knowledge about training and I continue to learn from him every time we speak.  …In addition, he was a great resource in helping me plan what races to attend throughout the year…  His experience in attending so many of these events in the past was a huge help in planning for the event. He even helped by having contacts at locations where I went on vacation to provide some great bike routes.  It is great having Kevin as an expert to go to with all my questions.  He was also at the 2011 Ironman Wisconsin and was awesome resource for me throughout the weekend.  Kevin really loves what he does and it shows.

JasonSenior Vice President, Banking Industry