I have developed a true passion for improving my personal health, fitness and well being. This new found passion is a direct result of the guidance, insight and motivation provided by Kevin McCarthy of Path Performance.

It started simply enough through the support and endorsement of Path Performance by the ownership of the Company I work for… they asked Kevin to speak to our Executive Team. His message targeted the importance of vitality, focus and overall well being. Delivered in a simple and clear manner, Kevin stimulated not only the thought process around vitality, but motivated me to take action. He illustrated that with just a couple of simple steps we could begin to feel an immediate impact to our vitality, focus and well being. Armed with this information, the rest was up to me!

…I began to set my own priorities instead of letting “life” dictate them for me, I was well on my way. Today I am 30 pounds lighter, with a renewed focus and energy that I thought was lost to “age.” It truly began with simple steps, and now each day I challenge myself to do more and more. While my success can be measured by pounds on a scale, the most important success has been the self realization that not only can I impact how I feel everyday, I control it. This awareness has not only enhanced my vitality, it has positively influenced every aspect of my life.

I am grateful to the Company I work for, and to Kevin for stimulating and encouraging the thought process, then identifying and reinforcing the path.

PeterVice President, Telecommunications Industry