I met Kevin at some triathlon functions over the years.  He was always helpful and knowledgeable and told me to call him if I needed advice on anything.  Years later, I got the notion that I might be capable of doing a ½ Ironman and I tracked him down…   I decided to ask Kevin if he thought I would be capable of completing a ½ Ironman.  After answering some questions, he thought I would be able to do it.  He said he had 2 people on his staff that he thought could help me out.  I picked Meghan because she had experience with older athletes (I’m 65) and I thought that would be helpful.  A good decision on my part.

There are not enough superlatives in the dictionary to adequately describe how great Meghan was to work with, so I have to make one up….she was Meghan-nificent!  She has an enthusiasm for multi-sports and helping others to achieve their goals.  I had problems, she had solutions. I had doubts and wanted to quit, she had confidence in my abilities and said she would let me know when it was time to quit.  She helped me get in the best shape I have been in and better shape than I thought possible.  She exceeded my expectations.

I found out a lot about myself for going through this.  Most of it is good and some I need to work on.  I never would have known otherwise. I am capable of much more than I thought.  I also enjoyed the training (maybe more than the actual race) and I think that will help me going forward to remaining fit. I had a great experience and I am so thankful I was able to have Meghan on my side to help me achieve this dream I have had for decades. For a fact, I would not have been able to achieve it without her and Path Performance.

Kim FraserIronman 70.3

I have developed a true passion for improving my personal health, fitness and well being. This new found passion is a direct result of the guidance, insight and motivation provided by Kevin McCarthy of Path Performance.

It started simply enough through the support and endorsement of Path Performance by the ownership of the Company I work for… they asked Kevin to speak to our Executive Team. His message targeted the importance of vitality, focus and overall well being. Delivered in a simple and clear manner, Kevin stimulated not only the thought process around vitality, but motivated me to take action. He illustrated that with just a couple of simple steps we could begin to feel an immediate impact to our vitality, focus and well being. Armed with this information, the rest was up to me!

…I began to set my own priorities instead of letting “life” dictate them for me, I was well on my way. Today I am 30 pounds lighter, with a renewed focus and energy that I thought was lost to “age.” It truly began with simple steps, and now each day I challenge myself to do more and more. While my success can be measured by pounds on a scale, the most important success has been the self realization that not only can I impact how I feel everyday, I control it. This awareness has not only enhanced my vitality, it has positively influenced every aspect of my life.

I am grateful to the Company I work for, and to Kevin for stimulating and encouraging the thought process, then identifying and reinforcing the path.

PeterVice President, Telecommunications Industry

I have found that the guidance of working with Kevin McCarthy has definitely led to a more vital lifestyle. The holistic approach of exercise, nutrition and sleep management has provided me with a balanced plan. I am very rarely sick and have more energy to get through each day.

The area that I can point to the most revolves around feeling more energetic during the day and not feeling like I hit the wall in the middle of the afternoon. This is especially true when I travel because I do not feel as tired and have more energy on the road.  This makes a big impact when traveling overseas to work with potential clients.

By implementing the changes we have discussed, I have been able to manage my busy lifestyle more effectively. I have taken more control of my daily schedule and made sure that I have some time for myself each day. This allows me to re-energize and balance the pace of the day.

I would recommend the program to anyone that wants to create a vital lifestyle and maintain balance in their life. It is valuable to me because it is customized to my needs and focuses on the lifestyle I lead. I have been able to incorporate the recommendations into my daily routine without a significant disruption, but I have seen the positive impact almost immediately. The program allows me to get insight into nutritional habits, exercise routines and overall healthy living in one place. It is very convenient, has led me to feel better and provided me with more energy every day. I would highly recommend the program.

ChrisSenior Vice President, Telecommunications Industry

Before I started working with Path Performance, I was unhappy about my inability to lose weight and had basically quit trying.  I was not exercising at all, and had little stamina.  I felt tired and yet filled my non working time with more projects…  I sought affirmation and fulfillment by doing things for others.

Kevin helped me to understand that many of my behaviors were self destructive… He helped me set specific goals and then helped me learn how to keep focused on achieving those goals, often through changing behaviors… I have lost over 42 pounds.  I have the stamina I need to get through my workday.  I have changed my eating habits completely. I have increased my level of physical fitness and exercise daily…  I take better care of myself.

I look forward to every conversation with Kevin. He is thoughtful and eloquent in his process. When I ask for information, he provides it, but he does not preach…  He encourages me and is extremely emotionally intelligent… His way of working with me was positive, nurturing, caring, professional and insightful.

DebraDirector, Telecommunications Industry

Prior to working with Path Performance, I was in last place in a race against the clock, my family, and my work. While everything in my life had been planned, so was a “choice,” my experiences more often than not bombarded me with seemingly insurmountable (and unending) challenges—small and big alike.

Working with Path Performance was a useful opportunity to reset self-talk, rebuild family processes, respect the clock and reject thinking in terms of binary opposition (this vs. that). Key benefits include the following:

  • My time and attention started to center… from making sure I took care of my energy and health to being more aware of responsibilities I need not assume.
  • My quality of sleep improved dramatically while I worked with Path Performance.
  • I maintained a steady exercise routine that supported my goals for health and need for mental unwind at the end of the day.
  • Greater understanding of the conditions at work that allow for me to function at high levels of analysis, counsel, writing, facilitation, and project management. Through the help of Path Performance, I could articulate the root causes of stress, conflict, and struggle and build strategies for either eliminating or minimizing those negatives.
  • I enjoyed better communication at home with my family, at work with my colleagues and supervisor, and within my self-talk.
  • Clearer expectations about what could be done, when, and how became less of a miracle and more of a regular feature of daily life.

Path Performance provides engaging, challenging consultation that allows for work-life balance improvements that happen in concert, not one by one. …experiencing a ripple effect of positive change was terrific. To see self, home, and work benefit in tandem reassured me that I was tapping into ways of thinking, planning, and communicating that I could sustain after the engagement with Path Performance came to an end.  So “Path Performance” has been an apt name to my experience with Kevin McCarthy and his team.

Chris Consultant, Safety/Performance Consulting Industry

I have been doing triathlons and running races for 5 years before I started working with Kevin. When I decided to do an Ironman, I realized that I needed help structuring my training and get to the finish line without injuries and under 12 hrs. I achieved both and it would have been impossible without Kevin. His experience as a coach added tremendous value to my training.

The work with Kevin definitely exceeded my expectations. That is why I continue to work with him even after my Ironman race. He helped me achieve PRs in half marathon and marathon distance. And I rarely got injured in the last 2 years where I did the most intense training in my endurance sports career. Before Kevin, I was always getting injured when I did my own training. Now I know I can trust him and if I go with what he says things will be fine. It is a great feeling. It also takes the additional burden to create training programs for yourself. Leave it to a professional like Kevin!

My results working with Kevin:

  • First Ironman – completed in under 12 hrs
  • Personal best in Half Ironman
  • Personal best in Half Marathon
  • Personal best in Marathon
  • And all within 2 years!

If you are a busy professional, leave the coaching and training programs to another professional. And Kevin is one of the best I have seen.

OzanSenior Director of Strategy, Global Retail Restaurant Chain

Kevin was recommended to me as a coach for triathlon training by several individuals in the community…  After meeting with Kevin and understanding his experience level, overall knowledge, and the types of programs he offered it was clear he was the best choice for what I was looking to accomplish.  I had run some marathons, but had very limited biking and swimming experience. Kevin spent time getting to know me and gained an understanding of my goals and what I was looking to accomplish.  …he gave me a realistic and achievable plan that he personalized for what my schedule enabled me to accomplish. …I was very impressed with Kevin’s professionalism and working with Kevin has been a great benefit in many ways.  He has helped me improve everything from my diet to increasing my expectations of what I can accomplish…  working with him helped make me more accountable to doing the workouts and meeting the commitments I planned to achieve.

Since I’ve started working with Kevin 2 years ago, I have completed 10 triathlons including 3 Half Ironman distances and 1 Full Ironman distance.  Kevin gives me programs that I can follow and that match my schedule so I can stick to them.  I have more energy and a more focused approach which results in success without having to spending a lot more training time.   Kevin has provided me with a lot of helpful knowledge about training and I continue to learn from him every time we speak.  …In addition, he was a great resource in helping me plan what races to attend throughout the year…  His experience in attending so many of these events in the past was a huge help in planning for the event. He even helped by having contacts at locations where I went on vacation to provide some great bike routes.  It is great having Kevin as an expert to go to with all my questions.  He was also at the 2011 Ironman Wisconsin and was awesome resource for me throughout the weekend.  Kevin really loves what he does and it shows.

JasonSenior Vice President, Banking Industry

I first chose to work with Kevin because I was in a panic before my first triathlon.  I knew him to be very approachable, positive energy guy in the running community and was aware he was a top rated coach.  God Bless Kevin, because he had the patience of a saint in guiding me through my goals/expectations… He has a great way of gently guiding or refocusing you on the most you can get out of yourself in your self-set time frame.  And I’m telling you what…it works.  He works you hard, but avoids injury.  Kevin really has a knack for combining or complimenting the mental with the physical to help you accomplish not just race goals, but life goals.

In completing my second year with Kevin and Path Performance Inc, I have become a more balanced person with whatever life tosses at me.  I have, of course, lost weight and gained strength, stamina and confidence.  But what I didn’t expect was learning the life balance that he has taught me.  I’m still learning, but I am more at peace with my life then I ever have been.  That to me is priceless.

My race results working with Kevin and Path Performance:

  • Triathlon #1- 7th  out of 25ish in my age group, reached my goal of sub 30 min on the run!
  • Triathlon #2- 1st  place female relay
  • Triathlon #3- Personal best
  • Triathlon #4- Personal best swim time.
  • Triathlon#5-  Placed in my age group on my 1st Olympic distance!
  • Open Water Swim Race – Personal best & gained confidence in long distance swimming (1.25mi)
  • Triathlon#6- Personal best
  • Triathlon#7- 1st place in AG, Personal best Olympic distance!

NancyCardiac Medicine

I met Kevin McCarthy a couple years ago and took swimming lessons from him.  His coaching helped me tremendously with my swimming technique.  I highly respect his knowledge and love of triathlons and support of local triathletes.  I am not a new exerciser… but have dealt with injuries that sidelined me for a while.  I was looking to finish a very tough half Ironman course, Rev3 WI Dells, and improve my overall times in sprint distance triathlons.  I also had a very important goal of staying injury free.

Kevin really helped me to focus and had me doing very specific swim/ bike/ running training to get me ready for the Rev3 Dells.  He also stressed the importance of taking a rest day which was very beneficial. …His training regimen was tough but doable for me… He also gave me terrific advice for my nutrition plan for endurance racing.  I would never have had the stamina to finish a half Ironman without his help!  I accomplished my goal of finishing the Rev3 Dells race and staying injury free!  I feel stronger, more confident, and have learned that taking a day off from training is not only important but necessary to achieve my goal of staying injury free.

Kevin is very supportive and easy to talk to.  He answered all of my many questions and made sure that I understood how he was going to help me accomplish my goals.  I also have a larger goal of finishing a full Ironman distance in the future and I am confident with Kevin’s help that I can achieve it!

JessicaSelf-employed mother

I was a new/beginning athlete with no formal coaching, and no knowledge of training routines for any kind of individual discipline.  I hoped to improve every aspect of my performance; speed, endurance, body mechanics/form, weight loss, overall well-being, strength, maybe grace.<!–more–>

Working with Kevin surpassed my expectations.  I met all my re-adjusted goals… I improved in every area of performance without injury.

Kevin was professional, thoughtful and thought-provoking, insightful, supportive, and fun to work with.  He was very knowledgeable in all areas, and I learned a lot from him…  he was able to address every question I had and gave me options I hadn’t considered.  I consider him an expert in his field and was constantly amazed that he was one step ahead of what I was thinking.

…he listened to what I said and helped tailor my workouts, which I found challenging, but doable.  …Kevin took pride in my accomplishments as well.  He also asked questions in relation to my motivations which helped me understand myself better… I had more than a few “aha” moments experiencing the results of my wayward decisions.  He used these as teaching moments to discuss the results of my decisions, which made the process much clearer for me… he was responsive and flexible when I changed plans….  he was very realistic and encouraged me to do my best and held me accountable…

I felt Kevin was as serious about my training and well being as he would be for a higher performance athlete and was very generous with his time and ideas…  I also discovered a whole new level of activity I hadn’t enjoyed before and have now come to expect…  That shift in attitude positively impacted all other areas of my life.  I gained more confidence in myself and respect for how much time and effort athletes devote to improving performance… I also benefited from realizing, via Kevin, how importantly all the components of physical well-being, sleep, stress, stretching, recovery, and diet interact; things I thought I “knew” but hadn’t really examined…

I truly enjoyed our coaching relationship and came to rely upon his guidance.  Bottom line; I very much needed someone to help me from a very basic level and felt Kevin took me seriously and helped me.  When I first started training, I didn’t always think I could meet my goals and often I completed them only because I felt accountable to my coach.  I would recommend Kevin to anyone.  I look forward to working together again.