I first chose to work with Kevin because I was in a panic before my first triathlon.  I knew him to be very approachable, positive energy guy in the running community and was aware he was a top rated coach.  God Bless Kevin, because he had the patience of a saint in guiding me through my goals/expectations… He has a great way of gently guiding or refocusing you on the most you can get out of yourself in your self-set time frame.  And I’m telling you what…it works.  He works you hard, but avoids injury.  Kevin really has a knack for combining or complimenting the mental with the physical to help you accomplish not just race goals, but life goals.

In completing my second year with Kevin and Path Performance Inc, I have become a more balanced person with whatever life tosses at me.  I have, of course, lost weight and gained strength, stamina and confidence.  But what I didn’t expect was learning the life balance that he has taught me.  I’m still learning, but I am more at peace with my life then I ever have been.  That to me is priceless.

My race results working with Kevin and Path Performance:

  • Triathlon #1- 7th  out of 25ish in my age group, reached my goal of sub 30 min on the run!
  • Triathlon #2- 1st  place female relay
  • Triathlon #3- Personal best
  • Triathlon #4- Personal best swim time.
  • Triathlon#5-  Placed in my age group on my 1st Olympic distance!
  • Open Water Swim Race – Personal best & gained confidence in long distance swimming (1.25mi)
  • Triathlon#6- Personal best
  • Triathlon#7- 1st place in AG, Personal best Olympic distance!
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