I have found that the guidance of working with Kevin McCarthy has definitely led to a more vital lifestyle. The holistic approach of exercise, nutrition and sleep management has provided me with a balanced plan. I am very rarely sick and have more energy to get through each day.

The area that I can point to the most revolves around feeling more energetic during the day and not feeling like I hit the wall in the middle of the afternoon. This is especially true when I travel because I do not feel as tired and have more energy on the road.  This makes a big impact when traveling overseas to work with potential clients.

By implementing the changes we have discussed, I have been able to manage my busy lifestyle more effectively. I have taken more control of my daily schedule and made sure that I have some time for myself each day. This allows me to re-energize and balance the pace of the day.

I would recommend the program to anyone that wants to create a vital lifestyle and maintain balance in their life. It is valuable to me because it is customized to my needs and focuses on the lifestyle I lead. I have been able to incorporate the recommendations into my daily routine without a significant disruption, but I have seen the positive impact almost immediately. The program allows me to get insight into nutritional habits, exercise routines and overall healthy living in one place. It is very convenient, has led me to feel better and provided me with more energy every day. I would highly recommend the program.

ChrisSenior Vice President, Telecommunications Industry