Before I started working with Path Performance, I was unhappy about my inability to lose weight and had basically quit trying.  I was not exercising at all, and had little stamina.  I felt tired and yet filled my non working time with more projects…  I sought affirmation and fulfillment by doing things for others.

Kevin helped me to understand that many of my behaviors were self destructive… He helped me set specific goals and then helped me learn how to keep focused on achieving those goals, often through changing behaviors… I have lost over 42 pounds.  I have the stamina I need to get through my workday.  I have changed my eating habits completely. I have increased my level of physical fitness and exercise daily…  I take better care of myself.

I look forward to every conversation with Kevin. He is thoughtful and eloquent in his process. When I ask for information, he provides it, but he does not preach…  He encourages me and is extremely emotionally intelligent… His way of working with me was positive, nurturing, caring, professional and insightful.

DebraDirector, Telecommunications Industry