Vitality Coaching

Creating More Vital, Resilient and Productive High-Achievers

Organizations invest heavily in succession planning and talent development. By adding the extra dimension of resiliency, Vitality Coaching offers an opportunity to achieve greater business results. Research and science make a compelling case for Vitality.  Conservative estimates indicate that healthy executives are 23 percent more productive than their sedentary counterparts. Executives who participated in a coaching program reported the following:

  • 70% increase in decision making capabilities (9 mo. period)
  • Increase in memory, planning, and organizational skills
  • 63% realized increased productivity
  • 73% reported a boost in morale and perception of their company

Path Performance Pillars of Vitality

View our Pillars of Vitality™ that define our core concepts of vitality and vital performance.  Click on the link to view our simple approach to creating greater personal and professional vitality. Pillars of Vitality

Vitality Coaching by Path Performance

WHAT: Vitality Coaching targets the next frontier for productive and successful leaders – generating breakthrough performance by changing their Formula for Success.

HOW: Clients work 1-on-1 through conversation, assignments, readings, experimentation and the behavior change process, to design a Formula for Success that builds greater vitality, resiliency and performance.

Over 25 Years of Client Experience

Path Performance has coached hundreds of leaders and entrepreneurs, helping them adapt to the extraordinary demands of the high-commitment, high-velocity workplace. Through this work we’ve discovered connections between physical vitality, mental vitality, emotional vitality and exemplary performance. Our clients report increased productivity, sustained professional and personal effectiveness, and a newfound ability to contribute at work, at home, and in the other areas of life that matter to them.

Program Features

This high-touch, interactive coaching program is designed to dramatically improve your vitality and velocity – personally and professionally. Our clients have direct, regular interaction with an experienced Vitality coach committed to their success. The coaching sessions are practical and actionable; and are focused on helping to identify and measure the impact the coaching makes to your professional and personal life. A typical Vitality Coaching engagement is 12 months, and includes the Startup Consultation, Nutrition consultation and debrief, High-touch Vitality coaching, Vitality FitKit™, Mid-term and end-term reviews, and other assessments as determined.

The Coaching Process

A typical Vitality Coaching engagement timeframe is 12 months, and involves:

  • Rapport-building with the executive to establish expectations and outcomes
  • Completion of developmental assessments and confidential interviews
  • Designing a development plan with specific objectives and results
  • Linking the development plan to specific business and personal outcomes
  • Confidential individual coaching sessions that ensure clients progress
  • Mid-term and end-term reviews
Also available: 6 month engagements

Coaching timeframe depends on the goals and needs of the client

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