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Thank You for choosing Path Performance Coaching!  For 30 years, Path Performance has been a premier Full-Time, professional coaching service passionate about helping clients reach goals and perform at their best.  Our group challenge programs are specifically designed to prepare you for local events.  Our challenge programs include education clinics, group training workouts,  great support from our certified coaches, fun, camaraderie, post event celebrations and program swag.  For questions about any of our programs reach out to Kevin.
See: What Clients Say About Our Programs

Join us for our 2024 Group Training Programs!


2024 EnduranceFit™ – Mobility, Stability & Strength for Endurance Athletes ~ Next Session October 2024! Registration Opens August 2024!


EnduranceFit™ is a 12-week mobility, stability and strength program designed to improve the durability of endurance athletes to go the distance stronger and faster. EnduranceFit™ utilizes body weight, resistance bands, balls and other equipment to target movements and muscle groups involved in running, cycling and swimming.  The program progresses in 4-week phases.  Each phase builds on the work of the previous phase to ensure participants are ready and able to move to the next phase. The exercises in each phase become increasingly challenging and involve greater mobility, balance and stability and strength. 
The program includes:

  • Evidence based program incorporating exercises to improve mobility, stability and strength for endurance athletes.
  • Program led by 30-year, full-time, professional coach Kevin McCarthy (Masters degree, USAT Level II certified) and PHd Exercise Scientist and Athletic Trainer, Justin Stanek
  • 12 Week training program of two (2) coached training sessions per week – Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 5:00AM
  • Next session starts 1/10/2023
  • Progressive program to develop greater balance, stability, durability and performance
  • Lots of fun and support with others

For more information and to register: Registration Opens December 2023!
Program fee: $225

What clients say about EnduranceFit

“The workout group was super friendly and welcoming in the gym and out. I’m always hesitant to jump into a training group as I’m not a fan of the tight groups who vet outsiders. This group was muy bueno.”

“Both Justin and Kevin were personal and professional. They both have a nice touch for coaching to get the best results even out of the most basic of exercises. They also took the opportunity to address deeper questions as the group had them regarding training, injury, race strategies and even sometime book club topics. :)”

“I really loved it! It did help me improve, and the group atmosphere helped keep me motivated.”

“…Overall I feel extremely good about my results as the first couple weeks were rough but I felt that I consistently improved and walked away with a nice mixed workout that I can take anywhere!”


2024 Tri-Shark Classic Pups Beginner Triathlon Program ~ Class in progress!

The Tri-Shark Classic PUPS program is the official training program for the Tri-Shark Classic Triathlon and Duathlon.  PUPS is a 12-week training program (2 ability levels) designed to prepare you to complete either the Tri-Shark Triathlon or Duathlon. The Tri-Shark Triathlon is a sprint triathlon featuring a 600 yard swim, 13 mile bike and 3.1 mile run. The Duathlon features a 2 mile run, 13 mile bike and 3.1 mile run. The race is held at Comlara County Park, Hudson, IL. This program is designed for those who want to do their first triathlon/duathlon or are beginners and want to do better. This program caters to new and beginner athletes. The Pups program is based at Illinois Wesleyan University or Virtual if necessary. All group workouts are optional and not required to participate in the PUPS program.
Program Includes:

  • 12 Week Program led by a 30-year professional coach (Masters degree, USAT Level II certified) and experienced athlete mentors
  • Weekly Coached group swim, bike and run sessions
  • Classroom (Virtual if necessary) clinics designed to help make you successful on race day
  • Triathlon course pre-view – train together on the Tri-Shark Triathlon Course!
  • Lots of fun and support with others
  • Post-race celebration

Information Meeting on Zoom: TBD
Program Start:  March 2025
Tri-Shark Classic date:  June 7, 2025, 8 AM.

For information and registion: Program in progress!
Program fee: $120 (race fee not included)
To register for Pups, select the “PUPS Training Program” option during Tri-Shark Classic registration

Can’t Do the PUPS Program But Want to Follow the Official Training Plan?
Purchase the Official Tri-Shark Triathlon/Duathlon Beginner Training Plan (workouts only): Only $49!!!

2024 Season Starter ~ Program Complete

The Season Starter! program is a 12-week training program (2 ability levels) designed to get you strong and into shape for the 2022 season. The program is designed for anyone that wants to develop a strong fitness base for the race season.

Program Includes:

  • Complete 12 Week training plan (swim, bike & run) designed and directed by 30-year, full-time, professional coach (Masters degree, USAT Level II certified) Kevin McCarthy and Path Performance coaches
  • Virtual group bike sessions  – Saturdays @ 7:00 AM on ZOOM!
  • Group swim workouts – Sundays @ 9:30 AM @ IWU Shirk Center Pool
  • Group run sessions – Wednesdays @ 5:00 AM @ IWU Shirk Center Fieldhouse
  • Lots of fun and support with others

Program Start: January 6, 2024

Beginners welcome! We suggest beginners swim, bike and jog/walk at least twice per week in December in preparation for the program.

Intermediate Program: To follow the intermediate program level, athletes should be completing a 2-3 swims, 2-3 bikes, and 2-3 runs per week during December in preparation for the start of the program

To learn more email: Kevin.

For more information and to register: Fall 2024
Program fee: $239

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2023 Olympic Triathlon ChallengeTBD!


The Olympic Triathlon Challenge program is a 20-week group program (2 ability levels) designed for those who want to do their first Olympic distance triathlon or are beginners and want to do better.  The Olympic Challenge program is based at Illinois Wesleyan University.

Information Meeting: TBD
Program Start:  details coming soon!

For more information and to register: TBD!
Program fee: $195

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Questions about any of our programs?: email Kevin.

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