What Clients Say About…


“The workout group was super friendly and welcoming in the gym and out. I’m always hesitant to jump into a training group as I’m not a fan of the tight groups who vet outsiders. This group was muy bueno.

“I feel like I had better strength and stability (and balance) as was evidenced in my few races I did, where the times and how I felt after were very good…”

“I noticed greater strength, and durability.”

“I thought there was a great balance of exercise. I would go and do the same program again!”

“Both Justin and Kevin were personal and professional. They both have a nice touch for coaching to get the best results even out of the most basic of exercises. They also took the opportunity to address deeper questions as the group had them regarding training, injury, race strategies and even sometime book club topics.

“I really loved it! It did help me improve, and the group atmosphere helped keep me motivated.”

“…Overall I feel extremely good about my results as the first couple weeks were rough but I felt that I consistently improved and walked away with a nice mixed workout that I can take anywhere!”


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