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Introducing Path Performance Club Coaching!  Club coaching gives you all the basics you need to be successful at your key events.  You get a specific, customized training plan for your entire season and unlimited access to our coaches and education sessions.  And for clients in the Bloomington/Normal area you get unlimited access to our group workouts.

Path Performance Club Coaching Includes:

  • Complete season training plan for your “A” event (swim, bike & run or single sport) custom designed for YOU by a 25-year, full-time, professional coach (Masters degree, USAT certified
  • Unlimited access to our coaches via weekly Coach Office Hours™
  • Unlimited access to our monthly Club Coaching webinars. Topics range from swim, bike and run basics to race nutrition planning to gearing up for long-distance racing and much more.
  • All coaches are certified and race experienced
  • Unlimited access to Path Performance coached group workouts

Path Performance Club Coaching fee: $150 per month (see terms below)**

Club Coaching Subscription

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Club Coaching Details:

Custom training plans are individualized training plans tailored to your specific goals and scheduling needs.  You will receive 2 custom training plans.  Your first plan includes the time you begin Club Coaching through your key event.  After your key event has completed, you will receive a second training plan covering the time period after your key event through the end of your 12-month subscription.

Coach Office Hours™ is a group coaching meeting conducted using telephone and/or web technology.  The format is question and answer from participants on topics related to performing well at their key events.  Brief education presentations may occur from time-to-time as part of  coach office hours. Coach office hours will occur at least weekly.  Club Coaching clients may participate in coach office hours as frequently as they wish.

Path Performance 2020 Coach Office Hours™ Schedule

Monthly Call Schedule
1st & 3rd Thursdays @ 6pm
2nd & 4th Wednesdays @ noon

Club Coaching Webinars are web enabled workshops on topics related to performing at your best.  Webinar formats may include a topic presentation and interactive question and answer sessions or video broadcasts of live workshops.  Webinars will occur at least monthly. Club Coaching clients can participate in Club Coaching Webinars as often as they wish.

Path Performance workouts are group workout sessions conducted in the Normal, IL area.  Path Performance conducts three workouts per week for Path Performance clients and program participants.  Club Coaching clients can participate in as many group workout sessions as they choose.

Winter Schedule (Jan 8 – March 31)
+Group swim workout– Sundays @ 11 AM @ IWU Shirk Center pool
+Group bike workout– Saturdays @ 7:00 AM @ IWU Shirk Center Spin Room
+Group run workout– Wednesdays @ 5:00 AM @ IWU Shirk Center field house

Spring – Fall Schedule (April 15 – September 30)
+Group swim workout– Sundays @ 11 AM @ IWU Shirk Center pool
+Group bike workout– Saturdays @ 7:00 AM (9 AM in early spring) @ Rosa Parks Commons
+Group run workout– Wednesdays @ 5:00 AM @ Often Running

**Terms & Conditions
By subscribing to Path Performance Club Coaching you agree to the following:
Club Coaching is a 12-month coaching subscription.  The monthly fee is $150 charged in 12 monthly installments to your credit card for 12 consecutive months.  All Club Coaching subscriptions continue for 12-months from the date the subscription begins.

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