Tri-Shark Triathlon or Duathlon Beginner Training Plan

If you cannot join the Pups beginner triathlon program this plan can help.

This 12-week training plan for the Tri-Shark Classic Triathlon or Duathlon 2018 is designed for the new or beginner level person.  If you choose this plan you are looking to complete your first triathlon or may have already completed a sprint triathlon and have a goal of improving. Weekly volume ranges from 4-7 hours per week with recovery weeks every third week to allow for adaptation and improved performance.

This plan is simple to follow and includes a description of all workout abbreviations and execution details.  Two levels are included for all swim, bike and run workouts.  This allows each person flexibility to mix and match workouts specific to his or her own abilities. Workouts are written based on heart rate and pace training zones.  Information is included that explains how to complete this plan using ratings of perceived exertion if you do not have the support of a coach to establish training zones.

Once purchased, you will receive an email within 48 hours with the training plan details.